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Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired Aditi Pant to become an oceanographer?

Education. Aditi Pant was born in Nagpur and completed her B.Sc at University of Pune. She was inspired to take up oceanography as a profession when she came across the book The Open Sea by Alister Hardy. She was awarded a US government scholarship to take up a Master’s in Marine Sciences in the University of Hawaii.

Who is Dr Aditi Pant?

Dr. Aditi Pant shot into prominence when she became the first Indian woman in history to have visited the frozen terrain of Antarctica in 1983. She carved out a niche for herself as a leading Oceanographer in the study geology and oceanography.

How Aditi Pant studied the mainland for four months?

Under the severe and harsh climate conditions Dr. Aditi Pant studied the mainland for four months and turned out with brilliant disclosures. During the course of the mission, the team built Dakshin Gangotri, the first Indian scientific research base station of Antarctica (located 2,500 km from the South Pole).

How did Aditi Pant make the entire Indian nation proud?

She made the entire Indian nation proud by becoming the first Indian woman to participate in an Antarctic expedition. Aditi Pant deserves all credit for leading the team by example. Aditi and her teammates have made significant contributions in the project. She was awarded alongside her three colleagues for their valuable efforts.

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