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Frequently Asked Questions

How to approve building Occupancy Certificates (OCS) in Noida?

The Noida Authority on Tuesday began an online facility to approve building occupancy certificates (OC) for a hassle-free and transparent system to allot properties. The authority had started approving online OCs only for industrial and residential plot departments in 2019.

What is an occupancy certificate (OC)?

After a builder constructs a building, it is mandatory for him to obtain an occupancy certificate (OC). Unless the builder obtains one, you cannot occupy the building he constructed and start residing in it. It is mandatory for the builder-owner to show this certificate to avail services like water and power supply.

How many OCS received by NOIDA Authority since mid-2019?

Since mid-2019 the authority received 1,626 applications for OCs, but nearly half are yet to be granted as building owners did not submit the required certificates, said Ishtiyaq Ahmed chief architect and town planner of the Noida authority.

How long does it take to get an OC in Noida?

The Authority, in the Noida Building Regulations of 2010 outlines the minimum qualifications required of each of these professionals. The CEO is legally bound to send an official to inspect your building within 90 days of the receipt of your OC application.

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