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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has O’Brien been in business?

For over 50 years, O’Brien has been creating products specifically for the ultimate family fun on the water. We work hard to design, test, manufacture and improve every product we make so your water time will make memories that last a lifetime.

Why choose O'Brien MJ® polymer coated tubing?

O'Brien MJ® polymer coated tubing and STRUT-RAK™ alternative to cable tray are designed for the demanding requirements of offshore applications where space and weight savings are as important as the corrosion resistance of small bore tubing systems. O'Brien SERVICESSM provides factory installation and design review for all industry applications.

Why choose O'Brien?

For over 50 years, O'Brien has been supplying the petrochemical, refining, pulp & paper, and power industries with quality products based on the application of our heat transfer expertise.

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