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Frequently Asked Questions

Does NTTA offer payment plans?

To ensure equitable payment from all toll road users, the NTTA offers the lump sum payment option or an extended payment plan outlined below. Both plans recoup the full amount of tolls due at the 50% higher ZipCash rate.

How much do I owe NTTA?

They say the ticket after I paid the ntta mafia is 319 unless I pay the tolls. First, ill gladly pay 170 for the original tolls. Not 398.00 for admin fees, all I say is they better pay good to type that stuff up. That's a 600% increase people!

What is NTTA toll perks?

With TollPerks, you’ll earn great rewards every time you drive on an NTTA toll road with your TollTag. Get ready for rewards and deals on dining, pampering, family fun, car care and more, as well as sweepstakes entries for big prizes.

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