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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe to ntreis MLS services?

To subscribe to NTREIS MLS services, you must obtain services where your Broker is an MLS Participant. MLS Participation is available through a NTREIS MLS Provider/Association from the list below.

How much does the ntreis global IDX cost?

As a benefit of membership in NTREIS, using our Global IDX Platform is totally free to you! Before you can access Immobel and the multi language IDX for the first time, you need to print this form, complete and return to NTREIS. You only need to do this once. NTREIS Realtors® Has provided their members with these amazing FREE benefits!

What is ntreis in northwest Louisiana?

NTREIS, a regional MLS that currently serves 42,000 subscribers in the North Texas Region and beyond, welcomes the subscribers in Northwest Louisiana as the NWLAR becomes the newest Shareholder in NTREIS. Brokers and agents in the Shreveport/Bossier City area will […]

How does ntntreis work?

NTREIS puts foreign language content on your site using Immobel's unique technology, making it visible to search engines and accessible to over 90% of international viewers in their native language.

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