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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take notes in the Kindle app?

Steps Find a page in a book or shared PDF on your Kindle where you'd like to take notes. Open a book or a PDF document on your Kindle. Use the arrow keys around the Enter key to move the cursor up until you reach your line of text. Move the cursor to the right or left so that the cursor is at the beginning of the first word you wish to select.

How can you take notes on a Kindle Fire?

On the Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire, tap and hold your finger down on the text where you want to make a note. 2. Type your note. On the Kindle, you'll have to select "Create Note" before you start. On the Kindle Touch, the option will say "Add Note," and on the Kindle Fire, it will simply say "Note.". Use the on-screen keyboard to enter your note.

Can you download Android apps to kindle fire?

How to Install the Android Market on Your Kindle Fire. From there, open File Explorer settings and enable the Root Explorer option, which will let you modify app read-write permissions and thus allow the Android Market app to download and install apps to your Kindle Fire.

Is there an App Store on the Kindle Fire?

Same app store as the Kindle Fire. The Fire Phone comes equipped with the Amazon Appstore, which also runs on the . It's your one and only place to get apps for the Fire Phone, since there is no Google Play store on the device.

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