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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Noteflight?

Noteflight is a full-featured music application with social elements developed by Noteflight LLC. It allows you to write, playback as well as share music notation on the world wide web. It also enables you to compose scores using the provided simple editing tools, save your pieces, find work by others, and get inspired.

Can I sign up for a free Noteflight account?

Yes! You can always sign up for a free Noteflight Basic account and gain access to our basic editor, create up to 10 scores, and purchase scores on Noteflight Marketplace.

How much does Noteflight cost?

Like MuseScore, Noteflight offers a free and premium version for $49 per year. Noteflight is geared more towards music education, however. It boasts a “Learn” feature that allows educators to assess their students and aid them in their compositional journey.

What is the best free music notation software out there?

There are some great free and low-priced options out there. MuseScore and Noteflight are great examples of stellar programming being done to make music notation accessible. However, you really have to be careful.

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