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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I try Noteflight for free?

You can also try upgrading to Noteflight Premium free of charge for 30 days: or even try a 60-day demo of Noteflight Learn for up to 50 users:

What is Noteflight learn?

Noteflight Learn. Designed for music educators at all levels! Create a private website for students where all users have Noteflight Premium features, including recording, performance, and assessment tools. When you sign up for Noteflight, you're joining the world's largest community of music writers and readers.

What features are included in Noteflight premium?

All teachers and students have Noteflight Premium composition features plus the ability to organize classes, easily create assignments, get performance feedback and ratings with SoundCheck™, powered by MatchMySound, and use the included library of thousands of popular musical scores and lessons.

How do I Share my Noteflight score with others?

Include a link to a Noteflight Score that can be copied for use by other teachers. This score must be on and not in your Noteflight Learn site. You can export your score and then import into a account.

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