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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ultra?

If there is a Samsung Galaxy Note 22, there may or may not also be a Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ultra, but for any models that do launch, those prices seem a likely ballpark. So far we don’t know anything about the Samsung Galaxy Note 22, with all the leaks and rumors so far simply being focused on whether or not there will even be such a phone.

When will the Samsung Galaxy S22 launch?

The Samsung Galaxy S22 will likely launch in early 2022. Samsung moved up the release date of the Galaxy S21 from its typical February timeframe to January 29. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU...

Is the Galaxy S22 Ultra the most noteworthy s series Samsung ever created?

But the previous quote, which confirms the Galaxy S22 launch event, is also a brilliant teaser. The “most noteworthy S series” Samsung ever created can only be the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It’s the only device that can bring together “the greatest experiences of our Samsung Galaxy into one ultimate device.”

When will the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 be released?

2 October 2020: Samsung Galaxy Note 21 will be released next year. Korean news site Herald Corp reported: "The Note 21, the successor to the Galaxy Note series, will be released next year". The site also said though that applying the Note's features to the Galaxy S range is a strategy to "absorb Note customers into the Galaxy S series".

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