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Frequently Asked Questions

What is traditional notation?

Traditional notation. Many teachers consider it essential for guitarists to read traditional notation. In part, the reason is for better communication with other musicians. Strings are generally indicated as circled numerals, with 6 being the low E string and 1 being the high E string.

What is the meaning of the notation?

What Is Music Notation? As the name suggests, music notation is a series of symbols, markings, and sometimes, numbers that inform musicians how to perform a piece of music. Much like an instruction manual, music notation is printed on sheets to give each musician directions on how to play.

What is another word for notation?

annotating, footnoting, glossing, noting, illustrating, margining, marginalising, marginalizing, marking, recording, adding footnotes, adding footnotes to, adding notes to, making notes on, marking up, putting down, writing in notation, registering, scribbling, documenting, entering, transcribing, writing, inscribing, logging, mentioning, scrawling, setting down, denoting, pencilling, penciling, designating, reporting, writing down, jotting down, taking down, making a note of, noting down ...

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