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Frequently Asked Questions

What browsers can I use Bionic reading on?

Bionic Reading announced the Chrome rollout on Twitter, and the extension is now available to download on Chrome. Of course, that means you can also use it on Microsoft Edge, which are both good browser options on macOS Monterey and Apple's best MacBooks and desktop computers.

Is bionic reading® good enough?

Only the original is good enough. Because it’s for you. Even better. Even more features. But always unique. Like you. On sale for 100% off, for a limited time only. After that we offer a free version and the possibility for upgrades. Bionic Reading® App for macOS & Windows. Share it and help. Let your family and friends know about Bionic Reading®.

How does Bionic reading work on Twitter?

Twitter users are sharing around a graphic that has two paragraphs. Both paragraphs have the exact same text, but one paragraph employs bionic reading by highlighting the first few letters of each word to create artificial fixation points. The result is thousands of retweets and likes, showing support for the revolutionary new reading method.

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