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Frequently Asked Questions

Who breeds dachshunds in California?

Nuforest Dachshund Here we have what is one of the oldest and most popular breeders of dachshunds in the state of California. This operation is located near Ramona CA. The leaders here are Bill and Susan buck, and they have been breeding and showing doxie’s since 1974, which means that they have nearly 50 years of experience.

Do dachshunds need a home?

These puppies are shorties, so they need homes with no stairs or stairs that are ramped. They need new homes that commit to their socialization so they can grow up confident, well behaved dogs. Dachshunds are not known to be great family dogs, so children in the home should be age 8 and up.

Is Crown dachshunds a good breeder?

Crown Dachshunds If you are located in Southern California and are looking for a good breeder of dachshunds, specifically English cream long haired miniature dachshunds, then Crown Dachshunds is an excellent breeder to keep in mind. They do have other pattern options beside English cream.

Do dachshunds like women?

We believe the male dachshund from the group is the father of File and Trinity. Based on their appearance we suspect mom was a chiweenie. Given time to decompress and get used to human attention and affection, their personalities started to shine. They like women right off the bat, but need a bit more time to warm up to men.

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