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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Verizon FiOS have News 12 New Jersey?

Verizon Fios will add News 12 New Jersey to their cable television lineup to replace Fios 1 in November. In August, Verizon said they would close its Fios 1 News channel.

Where can I get News 12 in New Jersey?

As announced by Verizon and Altice on Sept. 4, Fios customers will have access to the News 12 feeds in the lower Hudson Valley, New Jersey and Long Island. Early next year, the service will be picked up by Verizon in Connecticut, Brooklyn, the Bronx and areas of the Hudson Valley not already covered.

What happened to Verizon FIOS 1 News?

In August, Verizon said they would close its Fios 1 News channel. The new deal with Altice USA will assure Verizon cable customers a steady flow of hyperlocal television news.

Why is News 12 on FiOS?

“Emmy-award winning News 12 is a leading, trusted hyperlocal news brand in the New York Tri-State area, and we’re excited to make News 12 as well as Cheddar and i24NEWS available to Fios customers as we continue to advance Altice as a leader in hyperlocal, national, business and international news,” said Jon Steinberg, President of Altice News.

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