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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Nicosia dental?

Nicosia Dental on Westfall Road has been in business more than 50 years and Nicosia is the second generation of his family to own the operation, according to his LinkedIn account.

Who is Dr Nick Nicosia?

Is this you? Dr. Nicosia works in Rochester, NY and specializes in General Dentistry. "Dr. Nick would have been a proud member of the Nazi Party back in 1935 Germany. Avoid this piece of shit fascist traitor to everything America stands for.

Did Rochester Americans fire Nicosia?

The Rochester Americans issued a statement announcing that it fired Nicosia as their team dentist, saying, “We do not tolerate racism in any form and it has no place in our world.”

Who are Ned Nicosia and Mary znidarsic-Nicosia?

On Friday, a day after the allegations against Dr. Nicholas (Ned) Nicosia and Mary Znidarsic-Nicosia surfaced, several of those connections were severed, as organizations quickly sought to publicly distance themselves from the husband and wife.

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