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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NHK World-Japan?

NHK World-Japan is composed of NHK World TV, NHK World Premium, and the shortwave radio service Radio Japan (RJ). World Radio Japan also makes some of its programs available on the Internet.

What is the meaning of the NHK logo?

This logo known as "the NHK eggs" has been used for 25 years, showing three gathered eggs and each one has a letter. It has two variants: one for rainbow gradient outline, and a gray outline. At one point, the wordmark is used on some OSB like NHK World.

What is nhnhk World Premium television?

NHK World Premium Television broadcasts a mixture of news, sports and entertainment in Japanese worldwide via satellite as a subscription service. In Europe this service is broadcast under the name JSTV and in the US it is known as TV Japan.

What does nhnhk mean?

NHK (abbreviated from 日本放送協会, and officially known as in English: Japan Broadcasting Corporation) is a Japanese public organization which has always been known by romanized acronym in Japanese.

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