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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of food do Japanese people eat?

Japanese Food All Beef Pork Chicken Seafood Vegetables Beans & Tofu Eggs Soups & Stews Sushi Rice & Noodles Desserts Healthy Quick Party Other EasyHealthySoups & StewsVegetables Clear Soup with Grilled Mushroom Medley EasyHealthyBeans & TofuVegetables Simmered Koyadofu EasyPartyRice & NoodlesVegetables

What is steaming Japanese food?

Renowned Danish chef Rene Redzepi speaks about what he experienced when he briefly operated a restaurant in Japan. Meet the creators who are spreading the beauty of Japanese food with the rest of the world. Steaming is a light, healthy, and surprisingly delicious way to cook.

What is okonomiyaki?

Okonomiyaki is a cheap soul food that’s reaching for the stars. The stamina-packed fish will help you regain your energy, but also slow down in life. JAPANESE FOOD lets you in on 12 easy and delicious ways to beat the summer heat! The secret soul food dishes of Kobe, one of Japan's most vibrant port cities.

How much food waste does Japan produce?

In 2016, Japan produced about 6.4 million tons of food waste. That's nearly twice the annual amount of aid that the UN World Food Program delivers to developing nations. Two of Japan's leading convenience store chains are starting a program to cut down on the amount of food they throw away.

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