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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Anna heading in Shinjuku Station?

Anna is heading for a bookstore with Sakura and Rodrigo. A train carrying them is soon to arrive at Shinjuku Station. Lesson 16: Please go up the stairs, and go to the right. Anna has come to a bookstore in Shinjuku with her friends. Anna asks the clerk where the manga section is.

What happens when Anna is attending Professor Suzuki's Japanese class?

Anna is attending Professor Suzuki’s Japanese class. He explains about an exam on next week. Lesson 25: Get under the desk. When Anna is attending Professor Suzuki’s Japanese class, the school building begins to shake. Lesson 26: Let's do our best next time. Today, Anna got the results of her Japanese-test back.

Who is Anna and where is Sakura?

Anna is an international student from Thailand. Today she meets her tutor Sakura at the university for the first time. Lesson 2: What is this? Anna, an international student from Thailand, introduced herself to her tutor Sakura. Anna hands something to Sakura.

What has Anna recovered from?

Anna has recovered from a cold. Today, she is writing an e-mail to Kenta, who took her around in Shizuoka. Lesson 42: I wonder which is the most delicious.

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