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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the NHK sumo announcers?

Ross began doing the live sumo broadcast in September 1994 and is the longest-tenured of the four announcers. Raja Pradhan was born in Kyoto and raised in Yokohama. He is a regular anchor for NHK Newsline.

What is nhnhk World-Japan?

NHK World-Japan presents a variety of short programs, focusing on Japan and Asia. All top-division bouts from Jan. 15, Day 7 of the Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo.

How many times a year is the sumo tournament held?

We bring you daily highlights from the Grand Sumo Tournament held 6 times a year. See how powerful wrestlers with an average weight of more than 160 kilos clash in the sacred ring in a bid to claim the Emperor's Cup.

When will the 2021 sumo tournament tickets be on sale?

Have you ever seen the “Sumo” ? ▼ search now ! January Tournament tickets will be on sale from Dec. 11th! 2021 November Tournament Highlights NEW! 2021 November Grand Sumo Tournament Champions Interview NEW!

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