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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Sunday Night Football online?

You can watch Sunday night football online on NBC Sports, which is available with and without cable. Cable TV account holders can log into their account to watch NFL games on NBCSports. com.

Which is the best app to watch NFL games?

The ultimate app for football fans, NFL’s official Game Pass app gives you access to live game audio and replays of games right after the final whistle, or you can watch condensed games in under 45 minutes.

When do you have to use your cell phone in the NFL?

NFL rules-under normal circumstances-prohibit players, coaches and team personnel from using cell phones (and really all electronics except for the special Microsoft tablets) starting 90 minutes before the game through the end of the game.

Are there any NFL games on the Peacock channel?

For the first time ever, all of NBC Sports’ NFL regular-season games, playoff games, Super Bowl LVI, and Football Night in America will stream live on Peacock this season. Peacock features a slate of sports talk content NFL fans can enjoy on the NBC Sports channel, which is free to stream.

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