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What are some common newspaper names?

common newspaper names. The Advance . The Advertiser . The Advocate . The Beacon . The Bulletin . The Chronicle . The Citizen . The Clarion . The Commoner . The Courier . The Daily . The Democrat . The Dispatch . The Eagle . The Enterprise . The Enquirer . The Examiner . The Free Press . The Frontier . The Gazette . The Gleam . The Gleaner . The Graphic . The Guardian . The Harbinger . The Herald

Are newspapers a waste of paper?

From our newspapers to our paper wrappings, paper is still everywhere and most of them are ending up in our landfills creating a staggering amount of paper waste. There was a time when paper was a rare and precious commodity. Now it fills our planet. It was initially invented as a tool for communication, but today, paper is used more for packaging.

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