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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there fraud in the state unemployment system?

“Much of the massive fraud that hit our unemployment system in 2020 was orchestrated by cybercriminals from across the globe, but this case is different,” said State Auditor Pat McCarthy in a statement.

Who are the people charged with unemployment fraud?

De La Cruz is one in a growing list of suspects charged in a wave of unemployment fraud that hit Washington, one of many states that lost money to fraudsters.

What did ESD misappropriate in Washington State?

The Washington State Auditor’s Office (SAO) issued a new report Monday charging the Employment Security Department (ESD) with “gaps in accountability” that allegedly allowed one former employee to misappropriate $315,282 and authorize an additional $121,503 in “questionable unemployment benefit payments.”

Are there any scams or scams for unemployment?

Some unemployment scams are basic. Prisoners, for example, would apply, even though they were ineligible. Other times prisoners would work with an associate on the outside who would file applications using names of inmates scooped up by the guy on the inside.

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