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Frequently Asked Questions

Is religion right or wrong?

While all religions could possibly be wrong, it is not logically possible for all of them to be right when their claims differ so radically. Either they are all wrong, or only one is right. The chart below shows that all religions, even by their own claims, differ from one another substantively, having their own specific ideas of who God is (or is not) and how salvation may be attained.

Is the Internet killing religion in America?

No, the Internet Is Not Killing Religion in America. The decline in religiosity in the U.S. is accompanied by a rise in Internet access. But the factors determining faith are far more complicated than a Wi-Fi connection. Religion, goes the oft-paraphrased Karl Marx slogan, is the opiate of the people.

Is religion actually good for the world?

Religion is good for society. Religion motivates people to do the right thing. All major religions are preoccupied with morality, and all encourage people to be more righteous. Whether it is through providing inspiration, the promise of rewards in the afterlife, or the threat of punishment, religion can be a powerful social force.

Which is the leading religion?

Religion is a way of life. It makes us believe that there is the existence of a Higher Power. There are different religions all over the world, each has its own belief system, traditions, and practices.. 1. Christianity. Christianity is the world’s largest religion with about 2.4 billion followers around the world.

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