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Frequently Asked Questions

What Newell fishing reels are made in the USA?

Vintage Penn 500 Jigmadter Ocean Reel, Tiburon Frame, Newell Spool. Sponsored Sponsored Sponsored Sponsored Sponsored Sponsored Newell P 220 - F Conventional Fishing Reel Made In USA. Newell Fishing Reels. Sponsored Sponsored NEWELL 200, 300, 400, 500 & 600 Jack Spring Stainless Steel Made In USA !

What should I look for when buying an early Newell reel?

Buy an early P, G or no letter Newell with the following features: Avoid any model that has frame screws that are flat on either side of the reel as this was a screw that extends through the frame and across the whole reel and is prone to locking in the frame after corrosion. Buying one of these is a gamble.

How much does a Newell s550-46 reel cost?

Newell S550-46 Reel 12 foot custom Rod Has seen some action still in great condition Has been well cared for This combo retails new for $500. RARE PURPLE ACCURATE PENN 500 Jigmaster FISHING REEL w/ NEWELL SPOOL~MINTY! This is a BEAUTIFUL, RARE PURPLE PENN ACCURATE FULL Conversion No.500 Jigmaster Saltwater FISHING REEL.With a NEWELL SPOOL!

Are these Newell parts original Newell?

They are not original Newell parts. Stainless Steel mounting screw. One white Teflon and one black Delrin washer (optional spacers if needed.). NEWELL 646-3 (Mint Condition) Completely Restored w/ New OEM Brakes and Bearings. An excellent Newell C 344-5 graphite body 5:1 gear ratio reel. Super condition. Loaded with mono. Complete with rod clamp.

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