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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dave's fishing reel repair service?

Professional Fishing Reel Repair from Dave’s Fishing Reel Repair Service. The leader in fishing reel repair and fishing reel service specializing in repair and tuning for Shimano, Daiwa, and Abu Garcia reels. We are the premier source for upgrading reels and super-tuning for optimum performance. We stock parts for quick turn around.

What should I look for when buying an early Newell reel?

Buy an early P, G or no letter Newell with the following features: Avoid any model that has frame screws that are flat on either side of the reel as this was a screw that extends through the frame and across the whole reel and is prone to locking in the frame after corrosion. Buying one of these is a gamble.

What's the best place to repair a fishing reel?

Great turn around and very knowledgeable about all reels. Mark Anderson and the team at Dave's Reel Service is the best in the business for all fishing reel repair. I visited the shop to drop-off a non-functioning Shimano Calcutta 400B, and worn down Shimano Curado 300 DSV baitcasting reels.

What is the 3rd generation of Newell's reels?

Also, the 400 models were introduced – P440, P447 and P454. The 3rd generation of Newell’s were made with a new idea in mind, namely, to make the most corrosion resistant reels made. Graphite composition was to become Carl’s new obsession. Beginning especially with the G series, minor changes were made to production reels without changing series.

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