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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download Tamil mp3 songs online?

Download and listen to latest Tamil MP3 songs from top 50 Tamil songs playlist online exclusively on

What are some of the latest Tamil movie songs?

Some of the latest Tamil movie songs are Kasada Tabara, Netrikann, Valimai, Oh Manapenne, Navarasa, Aalambana, Sivakumarin Sabadham, Jagame Thandiram, and the list goes on. The new Tamil movie songs are known for their characteristics like innovation, ideas, and charm. These new Tamil songs have made people hum along with their tunes for hours.

Why are Tamil songs so special?

Twinkle Arora) Tamil songs are an important part of the Tamil culture. Also known as Tamil Paadal, these have a special charm that reflects the ancient art and culture of the Tamil region. The melodious Tamil music has emerged from the most amazing artistic skills which speak of the rich culture.

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