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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose New Haven moving company?

We are proud to be industry leaders and providers for the Moving & Storage, Restoration, Commercial, Aeronautic, Construction, Installation and Entertainment Industries, among others, and work with hospitals, universities and libraries across the nation. At New Haven, customer service is not a slogan but is at the heart of who we are.

Why choose New Haven?

New Haven’s unequaled experience and years of product innovations allow us to offer our valued customers the very best quality and pricing—from our specialty Corrugated, Packaging and Cargo Control to our state-of-the-art Moving Equipment. Our New Haven family thanks you for your business.

Why choose Dreadnaught movers?

You matter to us, and so does your time. Our story began over a century ago when our founder, looking to provide movers with the most effective way to safely move their goods, manufactured the country’s first machine made moving pad, the Dreadnaught Furniture Pad—now considered the industry’s most protective and finest made pad.

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