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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose New Haven movers?

At New Haven, our nation's foremost provider to the moving industry since 1911, we want to take the guess work and stress out of your moving experience. Now, moving your house has never been easier with our comprehensive Moving Kits, designed by movers who know what it takes to move efficiently.

Why choose New Haven?

New Haven’s unequaled experience and years of product innovations allow us to offer our valued customers the very best quality and pricing—from our specialty Corrugated, Packaging and Cargo Control to our state-of-the-art Moving Equipment. Our New Haven family thanks you for your business.

What kind of slings does New Haven offer?

New Haven offers a vast array of Polyester and Nylon Slings in any custom configuration and can do it all—from our standard Eye Buffers to full Cordura Wrap—including steel and aluminum hardware.

Why choose Dreadnaught movers?

You matter to us, and so does your time. Our story began over a century ago when our founder, looking to provide movers with the most effective way to safely move their goods, manufactured the country’s first machine made moving pad, the Dreadnaught Furniture Pad—now considered the industry’s most protective and finest made pad.

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