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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose our acreage house designs?

Our acreage house designs are constructed specially to help you take full advantage of your lot’s spaciousness and privacy. Available in a range of floor plans, they capitalise on natural lighting and fresh air so you can make the most of living on a large block.

Why choose Montgomery homes for your acreage design?

Experts at building on larger blocks, Montgomery Homes will transform your acreage site into a grand property that you will love entertaining and raising a family in for decades to come. Get in touch today. Talk to one of our experts in Sydney, Newcastle or Central Coast about receiving a free tender for an acreage home design.

Are ranch homes good for people with acreage?

Some would say that sprawling ranch homes are perfect for people with acreage, but that isn’t always the case. A large ranch home certainly looks beautiful when surrounded by acreage, but for many homeowners, it isn’t the perfect solution.

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