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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Noviodunum mean?

Noviodunum is a name of Celtic origin, meaning "new fort": It comes from nowyo, Celtic for "new", and dun, the Celtic for "hillfort" or "fortified settlement", cognate of English town.

What is the strategic importance of Noviodunum?

The strategic importance has been determinant in the economic and administrative function around which developed the military and naval legionaries. Noviodunum was passed under Roman control with the annexation of Thrace in 46 AD, being then attached to the Roman province of Moesia. Noviodunum on Tabula Peutingeriana.

Where is Nyon and castra Noviodunum?

Nyon, Vaud, Switzerland (formed the city centre of Julius Caesar's 45 BC foundation of Colonia Iulia Equestris) Castra Noviodunum, a large Roman fortress and naval base near what is now Isaccea, Romania

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