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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Turn On my Network Discovery?

From the Network & Internet page, click the Network and Sharing Center option. The Network and Sharing Center window will appear, then select the Change advanced sharing settings option. Look for the Network Discovery option, then click the button Turn on network discovery, and click the Save changes button.

How do you enable network discovery?

Here is the method to enable network discovery: 1) Go to Start and right click on Network and then click Properties. 2) Network and Sharing Center window will appear, expand the Sharing and Discovery section and click Turn on network discovery, then click Apply.

How do you turn off network discovery?

Open the Windows Control Panel, and then click Network and Internet. Click Network and Sharing Center. In the left pane, click Change Advanced Sharing Settings. Under the profile you wish to change, scroll to the Network Discovery section and click Turn Off Network Discovery or Turn On Network Discovery (default). Click Save Changes.

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