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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is custom neon?

Custom Neon® is America's most affordable supplier of LED neon light signs. Let us light up your life with quality LED neon signs for home, business, weddings, events, & more. Take a business logo, song lyrics, a kid's name, or even the shape of your dog, & neon-ify it! We are helping make art accessible with easy-to-design, stylish neon lights.

Are your handmade neon signs ready for purchase?

Our handmade neon signs are ready for purchase. Add one of our neon signs to liven up any event, use it your place of business so people will have something to remember after they leave, or place them anywhere in your home. Our neon lights are made to last.

Why should you choose Texas electrical for your neon signs?

With our neon light signs, you’ll gain the additional peace of mind that only comes from Texas Electrical. We always provide: Product Variety: From LED neon signs to classic glass tubing filled with rarified gas, we offer several types of neon signs at various price points to suit your business.

What businesses use neon light up signs?

Food trucks, pop ups, boutiques, hair salons, and entrepreneurial businesses that cater for the Instagram generation use neon light up signs to great effect. Want to get people talking about your business?

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