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Frequently Asked Questions

How to properly dispose of neon signs?

Neon lights that glow red contain neon gas. However, some of these lights contain mercury vapor, which can be hazardous. Put the bag inside another trash bag. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Seal the bag tightly with duct tape, and label it with a sign reading "broken mercury light bulb."

How to install a neon sign?

The best way to install a neon sign is mounting it onto the wall. You can also hang it, but it is less safe and sturdy. The process should take about 20 minutes if you have the proper tools. Place the studfinder on the wall where you want to mount it.

Can neon signs be fixed?

The good news is that most neon signs can be repaired, but they have to meet certain criteria first. If you have a neon sign that has been acting up or is in disrepair, keep reading. Most of us know that luminous tubes, also called neon tubes, are filled with low pressure gas.

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