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What is the best definition of negotiation?

1a : to deal with (some matter or affair that requires ability for its successful handling) : manage negotiated his business deals with remarkable skill. b : to arrange for or bring about through conference, discussion, and compromise negotiate a treaty.

How did the negotiations for India's Independence start?

It is said that the negotiations for India’s independence started with “The Gandhi-Irwin Pact”; which gradually led to greater negotiation between the British and the Indians; and eventually independence for India.

What is negotiated rule making?

Negotiated rule making is basically a free-standing supplement to the APA’s rulemaking provisions. The APA tells agencies what to do once it has proposed a rulemaking action. Negotiated rulemaking is a process for developing that proposal.

What is the controversial history of the word negotiate?

The Controversial History of Negotiate. For the first 250 years of its life, negotiate had meanings that hewed pretty closely to its Latin root, negotiari, meaning "to carry on business.". Around the middle of the 19th century, though, it developed the meaning "to successfully travel along or over.". Although this sense was criticized in...

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