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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for "as needed"?

as needed. Need synonyms for as needed? Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Conjunction. If necessary. if necessary. as required. if need be. if required.

What does as needed basis mean?

“As needed” (without the hyphen) is also an adverbial phrase. “As needed basis,” then, is an adverb followed by a gratuitous noun. Awkward. However, asking someone to do something “on an as-needed basis” is an example of a verbal pattern that people fall into to make their speech sound more weighty.

Is there an abbreviation for as needed?

Alas, there is no abbreviation for the exact words "as and when needed". PRN = " As Needed" (from the Latin pro re nata). (also written in lowercase as p.r.n.) 1. SOS = " If needed" (from the Latin: si opus sit) 1.

What does as-needed mean?

• AS NEEDED (adverb) The adverb AS NEEDED has 1 sense: 1. according to need (physicians use PRN in writing prescriptions) Familiarity information: AS NEEDED used as an adverb is very rare.

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