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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NET ranking system for men's basketball?

The 2021-22 men's basketball season marks the fourth season of the NCAA Evaluation Tool (NET) rankings, which replaced the RPI prior to the 2018-19 season as the primary sorting tool for evaluating teams.

What are the men's college basketball rankings for Week 7?

Men's College Basketball Rankings - Week 7 AP Top 25 RK Team REC PTS TREND 1 GONZ Gonzaga (63)10-0 1599-2 BAY Baylor (1)9-0 1537-3 VILL Villanova 8-1 1453 1 4 TEX Texas 8-1 1415 4 5 IOWA Iowa 9-2 ...

Where can I find the net rankings and team sheets?

The men’s and women’s basketball NET rankings and team sheets will be provided publicly on a daily basis on and starting in December. DEEPER DIVE: What to know about college basketball's newest tool to help select the NCAA tournament field

What is the new net for men’s basketball?

After two seasons of using the NET, the Division I men’s basketball committee decided to tweak the NET in advance of this season, simplifying it to a two-component system. The first is the Team Value Index, a results-based feature that rewards teams for beating quality opponents, particularly away from home.

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