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Frequently Asked Questions

Will a top-10 team suffer an upset in 2021 college football?

At this point of the 2021 college football season, it's more likely than not a top-10 team suffers an upset that no one saw coming. After all, No. 2 Iowa's loss to Purdue has made it four weeks in a row. The Hawkeyes were the only such team to lose on Saturday following their 24-7 upset to the 3-2 Boilermakers in Kinnick Stadium.

What are the current college football rankings after Purdue loss?

MORE: College football rankings: What Iowa's loss to Purdue means for Alabama, Oklahoma and more Others receiving votes: Iowa State 38; Utah 35; Arkansas 31; Florida 23; BYU 23; Air Force 20; Louisiana 18; Arizona State 18; Purdue 16; Houston 11; Virginia 6; Texas 4; LSU 2; Fresno State 1.

Is there more football played than just inside the top 10?

But there was more football played than just inside the top 10. Elsewhere, No. 11 Kentucky fell 30-13 to No. 1 Georgia, while No. 17 Arkansas, No. 18 Arizona State and No. 19 BYU fell to Auburn, Utah and Baylor, respectively.

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