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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we create the college football power rankings?

How do we create our College Football Power Rankings? * Power rankings for college football are updated at the conclusion of each week’s play. Ranks are based on a rolling past 10 games overall; early in the season, this date range reaches back to regular-season games of the previous year.

How many teams are in the College Football News rankings?

College Football News 2021 college football rankings for all 130 teams after the end of season, overall and by conference. We’ll do the CFN Formula Rankings – taking the opinion out of the mix and going only be deserve and what happened on the field – next.

How do we rate schools in college football?

We rate all 120 schools and rank and apply formulas based on their conference strength (a team rated first in Conference USA might only be 67th overall while the last-place team in the Big 12 might be 51st).

Who won the college football national championship?

Georgia dethroned Alabama on Monday night to win its third college football national championship and the program's first title since 1980. The Bulldogs outscored the Crimson Tide 27-9 in the second half en route to a 33-18 victory in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

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