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Frequently Asked Questions

What NCAA football team has the most wins?

Measured in total wins, the Michigan Wolverines leads all other football programs across all divisions with 950 wins. The all-time win leaders in the FCS Subdivision and Divisions II and III are the Yale Bulldogs (902 wins), Pittsburg State Gorillas (687 wins), and the Mount Union Purple Raiders (784 wins), respectively.

Which NCAA football game is the best?

NFL Blitz 2000 is arguably the best football arcade game of all time. While the original NFL Blitz launched in 1997, this release was an extension of NFL Blitz 99 and brought the arcade classic to home consoles via the Nintendo 64, PlayStation and Dreamcast. And NFL Blitz 2000 wasn't shy about what it wanted: over-the-top action.

Is NFL football bigger than NCAA football?

College, or NCAA, footballs are the same size as what players find in high school. The NFL plays with a larger ball. The size difference isn't much, but does make a difference in the field of play.There are several rules that are different between the two levels of sport.

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