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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the NCAA basketball championship game?

NCAA championship game: April 3 Here is the schedule for the 2023 men's tournament: March Madness: Future sites, dates

Who won the NCAA Basketball Championship?

Kansas defeated North Carolina on Monday night to win the men’s college basketball national championship in an epic thriller 72-69. North Carolina guard Caleb Love got a chance to tie the game with...

What are the dates for the NCAA Basketball Tournament?

NCAA Tournament schedule 2021. Start date: Thursday, March 18 (First Four) End date : Monday, April 5 (national championship game)

How many Division 2 NCAA basketball teams are there?

Fortunately for hopeful men’s basketball recruits, there are several D2 basketball colleges to choose from. But just how many NCAA Division 2 basketball schools are there? According to the NCAA, there are currently more than 300 D2 basketball teams across the nation.

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