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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of nasals?

Nasal / ˈneɪzəl / is an adjective referring to the nose, part of human or animal anatomy. It may also be shorthand for the following uses in combination: Nasal administration, a method of pharmaceutical drug delivery Nasal emission, the abnormal passing of oral air through a palatal cleft, or from some other type of pharyngeal inadequacy

What are the different types of nasals?

There are only three English nasal consonants and they are all voiced. They are made in exactly the same position in the mouth as the plosives and, therefore, they are named similarly. As we have seen there are bilabial, alveolar, and velar plosives and, likewise, there are bilabial, alveolar and velar nasals.

What is the difference between a nasal and an oral vowel?

• Only the lowest nasal murmur peak (first nasal formant) has approximately the same amplitude as the vowel peaks. The other nasal formants (second, third, etc.) have substantially weaker amplitudes than the equivalent vowel formants. • Nasals tend to have wider bandwidths than oral vowels. Nasals have both formants and antiformants.

What is the definition of a nasal?

nasal, in phonetics, speech sound in which the airstream passes through the nose as a result of the lowering of the soft palate (velum) at the back of the mouth.

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