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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Na3PO4 + AgNO3?

What is Na3PO4 + AgNO3? Predict whether a precipitate will form when water solutions of silver nitrate, AgNO3 (aq), and sodium phosphate, Na3PO4 (aq), are mixed. If there is a precipitation reaction, write the complete equation that describes the reaction.

What is the chemical formula for nao (NaPO3) Na2?

It is a linear polyphosphate the average formula NaO (NaPO 3 )Na 2. Crystalline high molecular weight polyphosphates include Kurrol's salt and Maddrell's salt (CAS#10361-03-2). These species have the formula [NaPO 3] n [NaPO 3 (OH)] 2 where n can be as great as 2000.

What is the chemical name of Na2HPO4?

Disodium hydrogen phosphate is a chemical compound with the formula Na2HPO4, also known as disodium phosphate. It’s more neutral (not acidic, or fundamental). This is used to prevent food from clumping. It is made with phosphorus by reaction of some sodium hydroxide.

How is polyphosphate formed from na2po4?

Polymeric sodium phosphates are formed upon heating mixtures of NaH 2 PO 4 and Na 2 HPO 4, which induces a condensation reaction. The specific polyphosphate generated depends on the details of the heating and annealling.

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