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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sodium hexametaphosphate (NaPO3)6?

A hexamer is nothing but a polymer made up from six molecular compositions of a monomer. The other name of this chemical composition is also known as Calgon. The sodium hexametaphosphate formula is (NaPO3)6. Chemistry is a complex subject comprising of concepts, formulae and chemical composition.

What is the name of the compound Na6P6O18?

Ans. Calgon is a popular name propounded for the chemical compound sodium hexametaphosphate. The Calgon formula for this compound is Na6P6O18. 2. What are the other common names of Sodium Hexametaphosphate?

What are the physical properties of NaPO3?

Physical Properties of Sodium Hexametaphosphate – (NaPO 3) 6. Odour. Odourless. Appearance. White crystals. Refractive index. 1.482. pH.

What is the preparation procedure of calgon (NaPO3)6?

The compound (NaPO3)6, which is also popularly named as Calgon, has a specific preparation procedure. The below steps explain it further. The complex can be obtained when monosodium orthophosphate goes through a thermal process or heating.

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