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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Nanaimo News bulletin have an obituary archive?

As of 2016 only the Nanaimo News Bulletin has obituary archives on line that date from 1977 to 2015. These online records are incomplete and not all the names in the NFHS obituary database may be found in the online News Bulletin Obituary Archives.

When was the Nanaimo Free Press published?

Summarized transcripts of articles first appearing in newspapers published on Vancouver Island between 1858 and 1926, with links to digitized newspapers. "In 1934, to mark Nanaimo's 60th Anniversary, the Nanaimo Free Press published a special Jubilee Edition which featured selected headlines from 1874 to 1934..."

What is Nanaimo News bulletin's media bias?

See how Nanaimo News Bulletin’s media bias impacts the breaking news stories of today. Overall, we’ve indexed 3,089 stories from Nanaimo News Bulletin over the past 3 months. Nanaimo News Bulletin’s media bias is leanLeft. Ground News assigned this score by aggregating media bias ratings of a leanLeft rating from Media Bias/Fact Check .

Who will remember Nanaimo’s active arts scene?

COLUMN: Arts editor will remember Nanaimo’s active arts and culture scene Nanaimo News Bulletin’s arts editor Josef Jacobson moving on after four and a half years by Josef Jacobson

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