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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pages are in the Nanaimo Daily News?

The newspaper was four pages long in most of the issues; however, the company increased the numbers of pages to eighteen when they celebrated its centennial. In April 12, 1997, the Free Press changed the name to Nanaimo Daily News. It began to use a sharper overall layout and greater use of colour, and added a second opinion page.

Who owns the Nanaimo Free Press?

In the Nanaimo Free Press office, there were nine members in 1920, including Booth and his family, also the Norris family. He sold the Free Press in 1931, to the Free Press Ltd. This year was a difficult time for the newspaper, with the depression greatly reducing advertising revenue.

What happened to the Nanaimo Daily News?

It was subsequently purchased by Canwest Global. In April 1997, the daily was relaunched in a new format and renamed the Nanaimo Daily News. Many Daily News staff writers and photographers have won awards for their work over the years, in British Columbia, Canada and North America competitions.

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