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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some fun facts about Namibia?

An interesting fact about Namibia is that the country is home to two large but very distinct deserts, the Namib desert and the Kalahari desert. They each have a different look and geological structure. The Kalahari desert is semi arid sandy desert, covering parts of Namibia, South Africa and Botswana.

Which country colonized Namibia?

Namibia was colonized by Germany and South Africa and was named Südwestafrika or South West Africa. Those who opposed colonial rule preferred Namibia, from a Nama/Damara word meaning "shield" used for the coastal desert, the Namib, which long protected the interior from access by sea.

What is the culture of Namibia?

Culture of Namibia. The culture of the indigenous population reflects the social values, norms, traditions and institutions developed over a long period of time. Each ethnic group has its on distinct identity though certain features remain common to all such as the wealth of traditional arts, crafts, music and dance.

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