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Frequently Asked Questions

What are cool names for animals?

Relaxed-Sounding Names for Mellow AnimalsBlaséCoolioCuddlesDopeyLazyLoosy/LucyMarleySleepyYoga

What are some weird animal names?

Cobras: a quiverCrocodiles: a baskFrogs: an armyToads: a knotTurtles: a bale or nestSalamanders: a maelstromSnakes, vipers: a nest

What animal has a two word name?

“Ox” is an animal which has two letters in it’s name. It is also called “bullock” in Australia and India. Plural for ox is “oxen” and feminine gender of ox is “cow”. “Ai” is A three-toned maned sloth species which is native to Brazil. 622 views View upvotes Related Answer Neil Morrison , Perpetual Student - Currently of Classics

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