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Frequently Asked Questions

What are names of mammals beginning with E?

Mammals that Start with the Letter E. Eastern Barred Bandicoot. Digs funnel-shaped holes in search of insects. Eastern Chipmunk. The name chipmunk is derived from an Ojibwe word that means “one who descends the trees headfirst.” ...

What are some weird animal names?

Cobras: a quiverCrocodiles: a baskFrogs: an armyToads: a knotTurtles: a bale or nestSalamanders: a maelstromSnakes, vipers: a nest

What are cool names for animals?

Relaxed-Sounding Names for Mellow AnimalsBlaséCoolioCuddlesDopeyLazyLoosy/LucyMarleySleepyYoga

What are some animals that begin with the letter E?

Eel: long-bodied fishes mostly living in shallow watersElephant Seal: a large seal, with big-nosed males, living in the waters around western North America and AntarcticaEmperor Shrimp: a bright-colored shrimp of the Indo-Pacific region that lives cooperatively on other sea animalsMore items...

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