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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Nalanda located?

Nalanda is located in the state of Bihar and is easily accessible by road. The Nalanda university ruins and archaeological museum are worth visiting especially for their historical significance. Nearby destinations like Rajgir, Gaya and Bodhgaya are also worth visiting.

How far is Nalanda from Patna?

Nalanda is about 16 kilometres (10 mi) north of the city of Rajgir and about 90 kilometres (56 mi) southeast of Patna, connected via NH 31, 20 and 120 to India's highway network. It is about 80 kilometres (50 mi) northeast of Bodhgaya – another important Buddhist site in Bihar.

Who was the Nalanda dynasty?

Nalanda in the Pala era. The Palas established themselves in North-eastern India in the 8th century and reigned until the 12th century. Although they were a Buddhist dynasty, Buddhism in their time was a mixture of the Mahayana practised in Nalanda and Vajrayana, a Tantra-influenced version of Mahayanist philosophy.

What is the station code of Nalanda?

Nalanda railway station, station code NLD, is a railway station and under Danapur railway division of East Central Railway. Deepnagar Halt railway station is a halt railway station on the Bakhtiyarpur–Tilaiya line under the Danapur railway division of East Central Railway zone. Deepnagar Halt railway station is situated 4½ km east of Nalanda.

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