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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nalanda College Biharsharif?

Nalanda College Biharsharif is a college in Bihar Sharif, the district headquarters of Nalanda District in Bihar state in India. It is a constituent unit of Patliputra University. [1] It was established in 1870 and is one of the oldest colleges of north India. Its catchment area includes nearby villages and small towns in BiharSharif.

What is Nalanda College?

Nalanda College is a Constituent Unit of Patliputra University,Having a Glorious past ,it is Reminiscent of the scholastic height and rich cultrual heritage of ancient Nalanda ,Which had been once an international seat of learnning and pride if the India .The College Was founded as early as in the year 1870.

What is the male-female ratio in Nalanda College?

Bachelor of Arts [B.A] {Hons.} "Nalanda College, Bihar Sharif Nalanda." In little age, I have an interest in plants so I decided to choose Botany. In this college, the Male-Female ratio is also good which is somewhat 6:4. In this pandemic, situation classes are held online which is a safe way to learn.

Who was the Nalanda dynasty?

Nalanda in the Pala era. The Palas established themselves in North-eastern India in the 8th century and reigned until the 12th century. Although they were a Buddhist dynasty, Buddhism in their time was a mixture of the Mahayana practised in Nalanda and Vajrayana, a Tantra-influenced version of Mahayanist philosophy.

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