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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the postal code of Nabinagar?

The postal code of Nabinagar is 3410. This Upazila was a thana in 1936 and on the year 24 March 1983, it became an Upazila. There are 94,871 households and 299.64 square kilometers. And around 493,518 people live here. The average rate of literacy is 43.60%.

How many post offices in Brahmanbaria District?

There are 28 Post Office including Sub Offices in Brahmanbaria District. Please see the following Brahmanbaria Postcodes info which contains postal codes (ZIP) of all sub-post office in Brahmanbaria district, Bangladesh.

How many parishes are there in Nabinagar Upazila?

Nabinagar Upazila is divided into Nabinagar Municipality and 21 union parishads: Barail, Barikandi, Biddyakut, Birgaon, Bitghar, Ibrahimpur, Junedpur, Kaitala Dakshin, Kaitala Uttar, Krishnanagar, Laur Fatehpur, Natghar, Paschim Nabinagar, Purba Nabinagar, Rasullabad, Ratanpur, Salimganj, Satmura, Shibpur, Shyamgram, and Sreerampur.

Where is Nabinagar Thana?

Nabinagar ( Bengali: নবীনগর) is an upazila of Brahmanbaria District in the Division of Chattogram, Bangladesh. Nabinagar Thana was turned into an upazila in 1983. / 23.8833; 90.9833 . It has 94,871 households and a total area of 86,568 acres (350.328 km 2 ).

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